Thursday, September 15, 2005

Random Musing

Perhaps this is part therapy, part rant. I don't know which one makes the most sense. As of right now I am just needing to express my frustrations. My first agenda item is conspicuous consumption. Dallas is famous for it, but it is very frustrating. Two months after arriving, two of my friends had already bought Porsches. It was like the scene in "In Good Company," except without the crash. They justified it by saying that they would have spent that on any other car that they were looking at. What does that say about what they were looking at?

Second agenda item is the numerous media outlets kissing the but of the rich around here. Between the people papers, bubble life, and the fourteen papers in lakewood, I'm starting to wonder if anything happens south of downtown. Belive me, I understand the busness of advertising, but the divide here is striking.


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